Thursday, April 24, 2008

GW 'visual surveys' of President-Elect Departing Alexandria

George Washington joins with Citizens to enjoy Carriage Rides around Alexandria.

Informal and fun. Enjoy.

- 18 min - Apr 24, a.d. 2008
CraftsManship Creations

Alexandria City Hall Civil Air Patrol Band Concert for the President Elect
George Washington

The Civil Air Patrol Band Concert for the President Elect (George Washington) under the Command of Major George Carrol, CAP gathered his Chesapeake Squadron at the Alexandria City Hall to perform a concert of period tunes for the Citizens of the Commonwealth of Virginia and the City of Alexandria.
Video by CraftsManship Creations

Wise Tavern Alexandria

George Washington President Elect

Send-Off Celebration by Civil Air Patrol

- 18 min - Apr 23, a.d. 2008

On the anniversary of the day, 23 April in the Year of Our Lord 1789, (219th - a.d. 2008) when President-Elect George Washington departed the City of Alexandria for the "triumphant journey" to Baltimore, Philadelphia, and many other towns and villages enroute to New York City to be Inaugurated as the first President of the United States of America under "this Constitution FOR the United States of America" (17th since the Declaration of Independence), the Commander of the Civil Air Patrol Band, the Chesapeake Squadron, gathered his forces to re-create the celebration of our Nation's greatest leader going off from his home to accept the responsibilities and fulfill the duties of President.