Sunday, December 23, 2007

23 December, Annapolis: When GW became the "Man for the Millennia", the New Cincinnatus, "World's Apostle of Liberty", & "father of His country"

Slide show of the Annapolis a.d. 2008 event.

A year after this blog post, was able to be part of an official State of Maryland Celebration of this "Most Important Day in American History!"

What is the "Most Important Day in American History"?

Or even the "Most Important Day in Modern World History?"

Some say the Fourth of July as the day we celebrate the Declaration of Independence.

Some say the Seventeenth of September as the day this Constitution for the United States of America was signed.

Some say Christmas night when General Washington against all odds attacked the Hessians at Trenton, and won.

Yet both King George III of England ...

...and Congressman Thomas Jefferson both might agree that MOST important day is...

the 23rd of December!

On that day, General George Washington transformed the modern world by his humility in resigning his positions as General and Commander in Chief to the Congress assembled at the State House in Annapolis.

By that selfless act, George Washington became the "Cincinnatus of the West", the "Man for the Millenniums", according to Common Sense author Thomas Paine the "World's Apostle of Liberty", and in a very real sense gave birth to the American Republic, so is rightly called the "father of His country".

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